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Backed by extensive knowledge, decades of experience and the necessary equipment for safe removal of hazardous lead paint, DCD delivers innovative removal techniques and cost efficient methods to satisfy the specific needs of every client.

Master painters guarantee

As Registered Master Painters the house painters adhere to strict quality controls. Although other painters can offer manufacturers guarantees, only Master Painters can offer a 5 Year Written Workmanship Guarantee. This guarantee is backed by a Nationally Recognised Association. This gives you peace of mind that your painting investment is protected.

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Lead paint removal and character home restoration​

DCD are Christchurch’s leading professionals when it comes to character home restoration. We have invested in the latest technology of paint stripping equipment imported from America called the Paintshaver Pro. The Paintshaver Pro strips away multiple layers of paint at a time and collects it all into a vacuum system for easy and safe removal. The advantages of the using The Paintshaver Pro system are:

  • The Paintshaver Pro System uses no chemicals or heat.

  • The Paintshaver Pro can Safely Strip Lead Based Paint.

  • The Paintshaver Pro collects all dust and debris into a vacuum system for easy and safe disposable.

  • The Paintshaver Pro System gives a superior finish.

Alderson wet sanding system

Features Summary

  • Water prevents heat build-up causing substrate damage.

  • Water reduces clogging.

  • Water means no dust to interfere with washing on the line or cars parked nearby.

  • Water means you don’t need to water blast first.

  • Water means that the abrasive discs last much longer – 2 discs per side for an average sized house.

  • Water and no electrical leads means surface preparation can be done on a rainy day.

  • Water with the Alderson sander means that the slurry from lead based paints can easily be collected in the Alderson “Enviromat”.

  • No dust masks or vacuums required.

  • There is no need for power cables so trades people don’t need access to the property.

  • No need for dust masks or vacuum bags.

  • No expensive backing plates to replace.

  • Used in conjunction with our “Enviromat” it is the safest system for the removal of lead based painted surfaces.  There is no lead based dust and the sanded lead particles are safely collected in the Enviromat with the water passing through the mat.  For this reason it is now the NZ Master Painters preferred system for the removal of lead based paint.